The Disciples Liberation Series: An Overview

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The Disciples Liberation series – formerly the Disciples II series – is an incredibly popular turn-based strategy and management game series. It has been around for nearly two decades, and for good reason: it provides an intense and immersive experience unlike any other.

This article will provide an overview of the Disciples Liberation RPG game series, highlighting some of its core features, gameplay mechanics, and more.

Disciples Liberation – The RPG, Turn-Based Strategy and Management Game Series is Back

The Disciples Liberation Series is the latest range of films and novels from independent multimedia content creator David Garrity. This series presents a powerful exploration of history, philosophy, spirituality, and political science through the eyes of a unique character.

The Disciples Liberation Series is set in the distant future with a civilization in complete chaos due to war and devastation. The main protagonist is a student leader attempting to bring restorative justice to all survivors. Every story follows his journey as he struggles to make sense of life amidst the chaos, while trying to unravel the mysteries behind his origins.

Each film and novel in the Disciples Liberation Series has its characters, backgrounds, settings, genres – which all challenge readers or viewers to think critically about life’s biggest questions. Through exploring topics such as race and class issues; power structures; gender relations; faith; technology’s effect on our world; what it means to be human in a dangerous world – these films and novels provide sweet companionship in these times of darkness without resorting only into action sequences or suspenseful moments.

This comprehensive range of films and novels will take readers/viewers on an unforgettable expedition into Garrity’s immersive narrative universe where they can discover their true identity amidst various obstacles. The Disciples Liberation Series offers an exceptional experience that will bestow upon them knowledge that can last forever.

History of the Series

The Disciples Liberation Series is a set of novels written by author Jenny Mason inspired by the struggles of oppressed people in the Western Hemisphere. The series follows the journeys of four young adults, Katrina Romero, Matthew Flores, Amaru Duran and Rainier Mendoza. Set in modern-day Johannesburg, South Africa, and the rural areas of Mexico’s Veracruz state in 1962-63, these characters fight for their freedom against an oppressive regime.

As they battle adversity in different environments and eras, they must ultimately confront their inner turmoil as they strive to rise against injustice. This epic story of courage and hope speaks to our times and that of earlier generations. In their unique ways, each character generates a force that combines powerful feelings and insights into our shared humanity – ultimately inspiring us to take action for social justice at home and abroad.

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The Disciples Liberation series is a turn-based strategy and management game series that has been around for almost a decade. The series pits two warring factions, the Light and the Dark, against each other in a strategic battle of resources and skills.

Each game in the series offers a unique challenge with complex strategic decisions that require careful planning and quick execution of powers and abilities.

Let’s take a look at the gameplay of the Disciples Liberation series.

Turn-based Strategy and Management Gameplay

The Disciples Liberation series is a turn-based strategy game that includes resource management, tactical combat, and exploration elements in its gameplay. Players manage their faction to conquer or liberate the lands of Saranon and perform various objectives. In addition, players can join a clan to play cooperatively or fight against other clans when playing online.

Players are the head of one of four sides — The Empire, The Union, The Legion, and The Syndicate —each with distinct resources, abilities and goals. To succeed in their objectives they must build up economies through trade and industry to generate resources needed for growth and expansion, ultimately culminating in war over disputed land or special artefacts.

Action takes place on both a global map where players may survey the realm for strategic opportunities before engaging in tactical battles for control; these battles occur on separate maps divided into hexagonal tiles where terrain features will increase or decrease an individual soldier’s success in battle depending on bonuses associated with that rarity type.

The game also features an allegiance system whereby different fables come into existence depending on how you tackle certain scenarios which result in varied endings and may also influence how your enemy approaches you during subsequent playthroughs allowing for dynamic experiences between successive playthroughs defining success which can only be achieved through careful consideration when managing various aspects such as heroes and troops as well as expanding your territory wisely with diplomatic considerations taking precedence over force when possible.

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Character Classes and Races

The Disciples Liberation Series consists of the video games “Disciples: Overlord” and “Disciples: Dark Prophecy”, a fantasy strategy role-playing game that includes four selectable character classes and a variety of different races. Each class offers unique play styles and special abilities and advantages that can be used to help conquer enemies, complete missions, and gain levels.

Character Classes: There are four selectable character classes – Paladin, Priest, Spirit Mage, and Rogue. The Paladin is proficient in close combat with their unique natural defences making them difficult to take down. The Priest specialises in healing magic and can call upon powerful abilities to aid their allies in battle. The Spirit Mage is an arcane professional who can attack foes with powerful arcane spells and control their environment, all at a safe distance from the enemy hordes. Finally, the Rogue serves as an infiltration specialist who can use subtlety to get where normal adventurers may not be able to tread – sneaking behind enemy lines or gaining access to secure locations from within using either manipulation or careful observation.

Races: Aside from their classes players can also choose from a variety of races when creating their custom characters including Human, Dwarf, Elf, Goblinoid (Orc), Dark Elf (Drow), Lizardman, Minotaur, Trolls and more – providing players with even more options for customising their playstyle according to their preferences or strategic need in battle. With each race comes further customization options such as selecting different sub-races (with further bonuses/penalties) such as Hill Dwarves/Mountain Dwarves or High Elves/Wood Elves; opening many possibilities for unique character builds throughout every playthrough of either Disciples title.

Battle System

American-style turn-based fighting games inspire the battle system in the Disciples Liberation Series (DLS). Players take turns commanding a given mercenary or character of their choice and assigning orders to them. The mercenary’s stats determine the effectiveness of these commands, often leading to a strategy game in which players metre out offensive, defensive and support roles while taking advantage of their chosen mercenaries’ abilities and managing their resources.

Battles in Ubisoft Montreal’s flagship titles often feature suppression mechanics that allow players to pin down enemies for multiple turns by maintaining continual fire, buying time for pursuing or defending objectives. Other features include a dynamic cover system that changes from turn to turn depending on where characters are located on the battlefield and fatigue and morale mechanics that make it easier to capture enemy territory by breaking through fortified positions or defeat large intervals with focused actions.

In addition, while most battles can be won solely through attacking forces, some offer bonuses such as additional items or experience points when certain levels of progress are achieved – like capturing enemy garrisons or wiping out groups of enemies without taking any casualties. All these elements combined create the intense tactical combat experience that makes up one part – but not all – of DLS’ extensively engaging gameplay loop.


The Disciples Liberation Series revolves around a chaotic land, ravaged by a mysterious dark force. Players must lead their kingdom through an epic journey of adventure and discovery, searching for a legendary power that can save the world from its impending doom.

Each game in the series features a unique turn-based strategy game-play, intertwined with role-playing elements, tactical combat and resource management.

Prepare to navigate through the shadows of darkness and discover the secrets of the Disciples Liberation Series.

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Story arcs and plot points

The Disciples Liberation Series is an epic science-fiction and fantasy crossover saga about the struggles of a group of multi-dimensional beings as they seek to unlock the secrets of their true identity and destiny. Spanning nine books, the series follows each character’s journey through a shared universe with intertwining storylines and plot points.

The first arc introduces readers to four main characters: Tarik, Sianna, Soulboy and Julyana. When they all find themselves entangled in a secret rebellion against an oppressive empire, they set out on their paths to discover mysteries of the cosmos that could potentially save or destroy them all. Along the way they encounter allies both new and old, powerful creatures from ancient legends, and fantastic technological wonders that push both their physical strength as well as emotional limits.

Subsequent story arcs build on these core characters while expanding into new frontiers involving diverse cultures and races across multiple realms filled with sentient nonhumans who must face up against unspeakable evils to survive. From high seas naval battles between airships powered by alchemy and eldritch magicks to space battles over a broken moon hung in perpetual twilight; from treasure-laden tombs hidden beneath haunted swamps to grand palaces flooded with secrets vital for victory—the Disciples explore every crevice of their world looking for answers that will let them finally be free from oppression.

The entire series is ultimately focused around discovering what Awaits At The End Of Hope’s Horizon—a realm filled with unimaginable power where new legends will be forged … legends in which the Disciples will play key roles as freedom fighters working together against cosmic forces far greater than anything they have faced before!

Character arcs and development

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, The Disciples Liberation series follows a group of survivors searching for freedom and justice. Each character is on their arc, uncovering their true potential and identity as they battle against the forces of oppression.

The protagonist, Oliva Jones, is a brave young woman determined to save her people from tyranny and destruction. With the help of her faith in God, she stands up for herself and wields her will as a powerful weapon. However, she has extraordinary abilities that she must learn to control if she has any chance at success.

Meanwhile, her close friends – Tomas Gravel and Jameson Scythe – are strong, loyal companions who know what it means to fight for freedom and justice. Though they start with different bylines, their story arcs eventually become intertwined as they support each other through thick and thin while striving to free humanity from slavery.

Other characters also offer complexity and depth, such as Jet Goldshtrom – an enigmatic mercenary whose real motivations are shrouded in mystery- or Vice Marshal Erick Rotor – an incorruptible but stubborn lawman who operates within the system’s structure instead of fighting it from without. These characters provide further narrative elements which keep readers invested in the wider story arc unfolding across the entire series.


The Disciples Liberation series is the acclaimed turn-based strategy and management game series that has captivated PC gamers and strategy enthusiasts since its debut in 2003. Being released in the age of 3D visuals, the Disciples Liberation series has maintained its unique and detailed visuals, which have helped it earn its loyal and dedicated fan base.

Let’s take a closer look at the visuals of the Disciples Liberation series.

Detailed 3D Graphics

The Disciples Liberation Series employs detailed 3D graphics to effectively convey its storyline. Utilising state-of-the-art software and the latest software development trends, the game features highly detailed character models and environment textures that bring its immersive world to life.

With customised shading algorithms, in-game lighting can range from soft and realistic to harsh and intense, adding perspective to battlefields and towns. In addition, dramatic animations are employed for battle scenes and other epic moments as players navigate the interactive narrative.

The Disciples Liberation Series will take gamers on a visually stunning journey, from wide panoramic views of vast landscapes to intricate close-ups of individual characters.

Cinematic Cutscenes

Cinematic cutscenes play an integral role in the storytelling of The Disciples Liberation Series, making it both an engaging and immersive journey. These cutscenes look like mini movies and feature 2D and 3D animations that help shape the narrative. As Jodi Fujita-Rony says in her book “Playing Cinematic: Translating Video Games into Film”, these types of scenes bring together two art forms – cinematic filmmaking and interactive game design—in a way that is both visually stimulating and narratively rewarding.

The cinematic cutscenes within the game involve live-action scenes between characters with fully expressive faces, creating realistic facial expressions so the player can sympathise more with the characters. Rendered environments provide realistic backdrops for these scenes, adding to their chosen video game world immersion. In addition, game engine technology renders 3D models, providing more natural human facial expressions, hair movement and other postures to supplement creating richer content than standard satellite animatronics.

Cutscenes are usually used for crucial story moments, making difficult decisions or as transitional moments between different stages of an adventure. They serve as more than just visual elements helping to steer players through the story in smoother ways than a pure text experience can provide. Overall they are important components used within The Disciples Liberation Series that facilitate exploration while evoking emotion or thought-provoking issues throughout players’ adventures moving them in the right tracks towards achieving their goals to liberation.


The Disciples Liberation series has had a predominantly positive reception with critics praising its combination of turn-based strategy, management and role-playing elements.

Reviews of the game have consistently highlighted its narrative, replayability, and user friendly mechanics that make it appealing to newcomers and experienced strategy and management game players alike.

Critical Reception

The Disciples Liberation Series has received widespread critical acclaim, with many reviewers citing compelling stories, strong characters, and a novel approach to fantasy fiction. In particular, the series is praised for drawing on the themes of liberation from oppression from the point of view of both human and non-human characters alike.

Other reviewers have applauded the vivid imaginative worlds and complex stories which prompt readers to think about issues ranging from political power struggles to spiritual faith. In addition, reviewers overlooked any plot or world-building weaknesses, praising its dynamic storytelling. One reviewer noted that “each book is like a small jigsaw puzzle coming together – delicate arcs and nuances that are greatly appreciated”, adding that “the books stay true to life while still feeling magical”.

Commentators were particularly impressed by how the authors crafted a fantasy world with moral consequences still applicable today. Praise was also bestowed on how each character’s journey towards redemption offers comfort and hope – something many readers can relate to on an emotional level. One critic wrote “it [the Disciples Liberation Series] instils hope that within all of us lies the capacity for good and growth”.

In short, The Disciples Liberation Series has been inundated with laudatory reviews from critics across various platforms who recognize how well composed novels can take readers into new worlds full of diverse characters striving for physical and spiritual freedom.

Fan Reception

The Disciples Liberation Series has been welcomed by both fans and critics alike. Overall, the series has earned great success and high praise. Familiar characters combined with refreshing new ones have provided an immersive storyline that leaves its readers wanting more.

The series’ consistent attention to detail regarding characterization, plot development, and world-building has earned it a strong positive review from its fans. In addition, praise for the story’s emotional investment in its characters and its deep exploration of racial issues have also helped the book gain praise on platforms such as Goodreads, Amazon, and Reddit.

Moreover, additional acclaim is given to its unique artwork to create an intricate illustration of the setting and characters driven stories. Fans have hyped up anticipation before each new instalment release that the authors had thought out carefully while bringing back nostalgic notes from past novels.

In conclusion, The Disciples Liberation Series offers a captivating story with vivid worlds and relatable characters while sparking real dialogue about race in our society today.

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