Introducing Egyptian sumo wrestler, Ramy El-Gammal

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Ramy El-Gammal, an Egyptian sumo wrestler, has recently gained attention for storming the ancient sport with his robust physique and passionate spirit. His determination to pursue his dream of competing in sumo, despite the many obstacles and challenges he faced, has made him an inspiration to many.

With his impressive feats, Ramy El-Gammal has achieved international stardom and has set an example of what can be accomplished with a strong commitment to one’s goals.

Egyptian sumo wrestler storms his way into ancient sport

Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese martial art that dates back centuries. It combines elements of combat and sportsmanship, and is known for its intensive physical strength. Matches are typically played between two wrestlers, called “rikishi,” on a circular ring called a “dohyo.” In sumo wrestling, the goal is to force your opponent out of the dohyo or to touch the ground with anything other than their feet.

Although Sumo is most popularly associated with Japan, it has become a global sport, stemming from various cultures and countries in the Asian region including China, Korea, Mongolia and India. In present day Egypt sumo wrestling has found its own home where it’s practised by many different groups of wrestlers including athlete Ramy El-Gammal.

Ramy El-Gammal was born in Cairo in 1996 and has been involved with Sumo wrestling since 2006 when he started as an amateur wrestler at Middle East International Sumo Academy in Cairo’s Heliopolis district. He quickly developed a passion for Sumo, eventually earning professional status with World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and becoming Egypt’s first international professional sumo wrestler in 2013 at seventeen. Since then, he has gone on to compete professionally worldwide, from Europe to Japan, competing at numerous international tournaments where he often uses his platform to bring attention to himself and Egypt’s passion for Sumo Wrestling.

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Ramy El-Gammal’s Journey

Ramy El-Gammal is a professional sumo wrestler from Egypt, making waves in the realm of sport. Born and raised in Cairo, Ramy had an affinity for wrestling from an early age. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue his dream and pursue professional sumo wrestling as a career. He began training in 2012 at Kaminoyama stable, under head coach Masato shitara.

For years, Ramy honed his craft and pushed himself to new limits while learning the many facets of the sport, including rigid dieting and attentive training regimens needed to succeed in this competitive arena. Through dedication and hard work, he won tournaments such as the Rookie Basho in 2014 and the Nagoya Basho in 2016 — securing him a spot within the elite Makunouchi Division (the highest level of sumo).

Currently stationed back in Africa, Ramy enjoys international recognition as one of Egypt’s most accomplished sports stars — bringing focus on his home continent and inspiring many who want to break boundaries in their lives. He continues to be successful at tournaments around the world. His journey continues as he sets sights for greater heights throughout 2019 onward!

Ramy’s Training

Introducing Ramy El-Gammal, Egypt’s first sumo wrestler storming into the ancient sport. After years of hard work and dedication, Ramy is finally ready to debut. His rigorous training has paid off, as he has become one of the most promising wrestlers in the sport.

Let’s take a closer look at Ramy’s training to get an idea of what it takes to become a successful sumo wrestler.

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Training Regimen

Sumo training involves several hours of practice and conditioning per day, with most wrestlers beginning their daily training routine at 5:00am. Working out twice a day is common for sumo athletes, with intense body conditioning and weight lifting in morning sessions and more focused ring skills training in the evening.

Ramy’s typical daily schedule includes a mix of jogging, sprinting, lifting heavy tires and dummies, practising specific moves on a “dohyo” (ring mat) such as stretching, tumbling and falls; rope exercises; working on balance; breathing exercises to strengthen the stomach area; sparring with opponents; meditation drills to increase awareness, concentration and focus during matches. Ramy also practises Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu Swordmanship techniques to enhance his combative instincts and mind-body coordination.

It is all part of maintaining his physical fitness while also focusing on mental fitness, preparing him for tournaments and sports bouts.

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is one of the most important elements of success in any sport, including sumo wrestling. To compete successfully in ram-sumo, Ramy El-Gammal focuses on mental and emotional focus. He works to control his mind and body to remain calm and confident during competition.

Before a match, Ramy takes time to visualise himself being successful and repeats positive affirmations such as “I am the champion” or “My strength is unrivalled”. He also enjoys relaxing activities such as listening to music or practising yoga.

Ramy believes it is important to be aware of his emotional state before a match to adjust his strategy accordingly. Therefore, he trains himself to recognize and respond appropriately to signs of anxiety or overconfidence that may arise during matches. Through these mental exercises, he can become deeply focused on his sport’s physical aspects while remaining emotionally balanced.

Ramy’s Success

Ramy El-Gammal has become the first Egyptian sumo wrestler to make waves in the ancient Japanese sport of Sumo. His impressive talent has won him multiple championships and he has been praised for his determination to overcome the cultural and geographical boundaries that exist in the sport. Ramy inspires many as he has made history in a sport dominated by Japanese athletes.

Let’s take a look at Ramy’s success story.

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Ramy El-Gammal is an Egyptian sumo wrestler making impressive strides in the sport. After his kayokyoku debut, he was noticed by Ikazuchi stablemaster, Giji Hakuikan and was given the prestigious honour of being selected as their apprentice. As a result, Ramy has won over 500 matches and achieved numerous accomplishments, such as competing in the prestigious Japan Sumo Association (JSA).

Ramy won his first juryo division tournament before advancing to makushita where he became a consistent competitor leading to a quick rise up the rankings. So far, Ramy has had two special juryo championships which saw him promoted to sandanme in March 2020. Since then, he has secured 14 wins and seven losses in sandanme with steady progression. He made significant strides during tournaments with wins over all three ranks – makushita, sandanme and juryo – but not without hard work and dedication.

Last year was particularly memorable for Ramy as he secured a place at the famous Ryogoku Kokugikan for May’s Grand Tournament or honbasho – one of only six tournaments held each year by JSA. This marked tremendous progress from entering professional sumo as a rikishi four years earlier. Of particular note is that out of 153 wrestlers who debuted within the same period, including notable names such as Wakatakakage, Daiamami and Shogoenuma, very few have managed to climb top rankings so quickly within the sport like Ramy did; this further emphasises that this Egyptian wrestler has been able to make remarkable use of his skill set across various divisions.


Ramy El-Gammal has found success in the world of sumo wrestling through hard work and dedication and the support of an amazing team. He is an example to many of what can be achieved through resilience, persistence, determination and ambition.

In February 2020, Ramy reached a milestone when he won the All Japan Open Professional Sumo Championships in Nagoya. After years of hard work and personal commitment to his sport, it was a proud moment for him and the Egyptian sumo community when he accomplished this feat.

Ramy’s next goal is to compete for a Grand Champion title at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in July 2020. This would make him the first Egyptian professional sumo wrestler to win a major international title. Ramy will train hard for this event and work with his coaches to ensure he is well prepared for such an important match. With their continued support, there is no doubt that Ramy can reach this goal.

Ramy’s Impact

Ramy El-Gammal, the first Egyptian sumo wrestler to make an impact in the ancient sport, is already making waves on an international level. Since his debut in 2019, Ramy has won numerous tournaments and accolades, cementing his legacy as a formidable athlete.

His story of determination and success inspires many people, particularly the youth of Egypt, to push beyond the boundaries of their current realities and strive for their dreams.

Inspiring Young Egyptians

Ramy El-Gammal has been dubbed “The King of Egypt’s sumo wrestlers”— for good reason. At 30, he is the only Egyptian to succeed in the sport, inspiring young Egyptians to pursue their dreams.

El-Gammal’s devotion to his sport was instilled in him by his father, who competed as a sumo wrestler in Egypt. Thanks to his parents, El-Gammal was exposed to the sumo world from a young age and quickly found that he excelled at it. He went on to win multiple championship titles and is currently ranked as the #1 sumo wrestler in Egypt.

El-Gammal’s accomplishments have gone beyond just succeeding in the sport; he has also become a role model for many young people hoping to make a career. By promoting sumo wrestling among Egyptians, El-Gammal hopes to encourage kids from all economic backgrounds, including those from rural areas, to pursue their dreams and strive for success — no matter their obstacles.

As such, Ramy El-Gammal knows the importance of representation and actively seeks opportunities to mentor aspiring youth athletes looking to follow in his footsteps. He travels across Egypt giving seminars on sumo wrestling and is available for any young competitor who might need help improving their skills or finding a tournament or championship competition near them. Ramy El-Gammal has helped bring equality and hope back into young Egyptians’ lives through his work both on and off the mats.

Breaking Barriers

Ramy El-Gammal is a world renowned Egyptian sumo wrestler breaking boundaries by competing in a traditionally Japanese sport. He first stepped onto the dohyo in 2016, becoming one of the few sumo wrestlers of Egyptian descent, and even fewer to train and compete professionally.

Since joining the Hasuike Sumo stable in Manza, Japan, Ramy has made a substantial impact inside and outside the ring. He inspires aspiring athletes from all backgrounds and countries, demonstrating that there are no limits placed on success when you have courage and belief in yourself.

In 2020, Ramy competed as an Eastern makuuchi division sumo wrestler at 19 years old – becoming one of the youngest foreign wrestlers ever to debut at such a high rank. His triumphs within the national competition have brought unprecedented attention to sumo wrestling for international audiences and reignited passion for this venerable tradition among Egyptians.

Recently his prominence has propelled him into celebrity status within his home country—which he wears proudly as an athlete and cultural ambassador speaking out against stereotypes alongside his peers—and worldwide as a rising star in this ancient sport. This summer he will compete in his first major tournament which promises to be action-packed with exciting results!

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